9 Moons Pitch & Putt

This 9 hole pitch & putt is quite a gem!  

With over 70% of scoring in the game of golf taking place within 100 yards of the green, this golf course is designed to elevate this aspect of your game.  

It also caters to beginners, juniors, seniors and seasoned veterans alike.  

This course was also designed with speed of play in mind.  The 9 holes can be completed in under an hour leaving the rest of the day open for other sunny Okanagan activities.  

9 moons also incorporates cutting edge technology using the highest quality synthetic turf on the tee boxes and the greens.

Hole #1

Hours of Operation

Mondays & Thursdays Tee Times:  Noon – Dusk                             

#2 Hole at 9 Moons Pitch & Putt

Looking back at the driving range from the #2 hole


All Other Days:  Dawn – 11:00 am


Green Fees for 9 Holes

Juniors:  $7

Seniors:  $8

Adults:  $9

Additional 9 holes:  $5


Flex Pass Prices for 9 Moons Pitch & Putt (10 rounds)                           

9 Moons Pitch & Putt #5 tee

Scenic and peaceful from #5 tee as we get back to nature for the next 3 holes

Juniors:  $60

Seniors:  $70

Adults:  $80

* Passes good for one year from date of purchase.


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